Making a hole in the glass: how to drill and choose the right tips

A question like this doesn’t happen every day: how to make a hole in the glass? Information is usually sought for drilling into concrete, one of the most complex materials to deal with. A typical situation of bricolage and do-it-yourself to create something useful. Or to solve a problem, a small inconvenience that can be solved by choosing the right drill and suitable bits to drill these materials. Which are very delicate and require the utmost attention.

Which drill to choose to make a hole in the glass? In reality there are no particular indications for the drill, the home electric model that everyone has available is fine. What should be avoided is the percussion movement which is usually used to drill into concrete. Then you need to have a latest generation drill that allows you to manage the rotation speed of the fuse. Because the latter has the utmost attention when you decide to drill the glass.

diamond tips for glass or diamond cups for large holes. They are solutions that allow you to drill the glass without breaking it, and are essential to complete the work in a workmanlike manner. Any different solution can become a risk for you and for the glass you want to drill. Don’t be fooled by the name: diamond bits for glass are not very expensive, with a small investment you give your workshop an extra tool. And DIY becomes even easier.

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