Checklist for Buying Caravan Awnings

Are you an avid camper? If yes, caravan awnings might suit you. The good news is caravan awnings keep increasing and can now accommodate larger groups than before so that you can enjoy your home away. If you have never used a caravan awning before or you have not purchased one, this is your ultimate guide to getting the best. You will also learn some simple tips that will improve your caravan camping experience in the wilderness. Keep reading to learn more about caravan awnings.

A caravan awning works the same way a house provides some extra space between the house and the outdoor. It is a tent-like extension attached to the side of a caravan to provide extra space, the same way a tent provides extra outdoor spaces. Full caravan awning provides extra space to relax, have a beautiful view with maximum comfort, and have some space for barbecue. Do you need to buy a caravan awning? Yes, you do, imagine doubling the space to accommodate a larger camping group. With more space you get from caravan awning you are free to do anything with, for example, place an additional bed, make a guest house, make a sheltered area to enjoy the breeze, dining area, playground for kids, and much more.

Why a caravan awning is ideal for campers

When you go camping and don’t want to feel the limited space of your caravan, then a caravan awning is an ideal option to increase space to relax without feeling cramped. The extra space added through awnings is ideal for storage and it provides an extra sheltered area especially during unfavourable weather conditions. Whatever the type of caravan awning you buy, you will enhance your camping space instantly.

What caravan awning is ideal

  • It should have large windows to let in plenty of light
  • Should have curtains to enhance privacy when needed
  • Should have lighting hanging points
  • Flat entry
  • Should have additional weatherproofing features for wind and mud protection
  • Awning annexe for extra sleeping space

It is also important to consider the width of an awning by comparing it with where it will fit on your caravan and keeping in mind the windows and the doorway to your caravan.

Tips to consider before buying a caravan awning

Before you go ahead and buy a caravan awning, there are crucial questions you should ask yourself upfront. These are:

  • Are you an avid camper or a seasonal camper?
  • When and where will you be using your caravan awning?
  • Would you like an awning that you can erect on your own or with the help of somebody?
  • What is the limited weight your caravan can carry?
  • Are you buying a caravan awning specifically for your caravan alone or you might use it with other vehicles?
  • How long do you camp in the wilderness?
  • What other camping accessories do you pitch camp with?

With the current market and camping evolutions, incredible caravan awning ideas are emerging such as inflatable awnings and much more. Putting up a caravan awning for the first time might seem complicated and intimidating, but trust me you with a few camping gears here and there, finally you will manage and the subsequent camping sessions will become a walk in the park, and don’t forget to peg down your awning to secure it against strong wind. Find caravan awnings for sale from trusted sellers online.


How Security Screens Gold Coast Protect Your Home

Security screens, Gold Coast has become widely popular with the extra protection it provides for windows and doors of homes on the Gold Coast. Yet, other than protection, installing security screens, Gold Coast on windows and doors of the home also provides aesthetic appeal and maximum comfort.

However, what, exactly, are security screens?

The primary design of security screens to provide security to doors and windows is in its material. The stainless steel high-tensile mesh system acts as a good deterrent for forced break-ins or entry once installed on doors and windows.


Multiple Benefits of Security Screens


Installing security screens on your windows and doors provide multiple benefits, including:


Strong and durable home protection

The advanced features of security screens are unlike that of ordinary screens. The strong stainless steel features of security screens provide superb protection from various elements such as forced entries, external impact, and bad weather.

The durable material of the screens makes them highly resistant to weather damages or cutting them in cases of forced break-ins. However, security screens are not created equal. Opting for premium security screens with thicker wire meshes is the smartest way to go when it comes to protecting the home.


Not having to compromise on ventilation and natural views while providing protection is one of the top benefits of security screens. The finely woven mesh allows for efficient airflow while enabling you to enjoy the views outside the home.


Mosquito deterrent

The finely woven mesh material of security screens acts as a good deterrent for mosquitoes and other types of insects. Mosquitoes bring a host of health problems, making the security screens a superb choice for homes on the Gold Coast.


Enhance the aesthetic value of the home

The fine mesh feature of security screens allows them to seamlessly blend with any type of doors and windows of a home. A clean and sleek look is provided to the facade of any home using security screens on windows and doors. The contemporary design of the screens enhances the aesthetic value of any home.


The best way to pet-proof and child-proof windows and doors

Higher-level floor designs of homes also mean higher-level windows. A child or pet can easily fall from any opened window without security screens. Falling from windows is always a risk for homes with children and pets.

The protective and strong barrier provided by security screens is life-saving should your children or pets become curious about things outside windows and doors. Opting for high-quality security screens on doors makes it highly resistant to the scratching antics of pets.



The durable material of high-quality security screens also makes them fireproof. The spread of flames during a house fire is deterred by the fireproof quality of screen doors and windows.


Enhance the value of your property

The future value of a home is enhanced with the installation of a security screen on windows and doors. Installing them in the home is a good investment when you plan to sell your home in the future. The asking price of a home increases with an upgrade such as security screens on doors and windows.


Installing security screens on the doors and windows of a home is a good investment. Not only will a home acquire instant strong protection; an aesthetic appeal is provided as well. Contact us at Byrne Security Doors Gold Coast to know more about security screens.


Top Six Benefits of Purchasing Custom Curtains

We have come far from the time when people used to install wooden windows in their homes, when there was no need for curtains, to an era where glass is used to make our windows, which then require curtains or any other material to cover the transparency.

Today, there are several kinds of window covers that one can select from including curtains, blinds, and tints. Of these, the curtain is the oldest yet still in fashion and up to date. Curtains have upgraded and improved through the years and they look way better compared to twenty years ago when it was just a piece of cloth.

To make curtains even nicer, you have the option to purchase curtains that have been designed according to your requirements, isn’t that awesome? The following are some of the benefits of buying custom curtains in your place.

Benefits of custom curtains

Precise measurements

In the past, there were only a few standard sizes for curtains and you could select the one that fits better than others. But today, you can take all the measurements you wish and then have the company assess the measurements for processing. These companies have highly sophisticated tools that will provide the exact size that you asked for.

You pick colours

You also have the opportunity to decide on which colours best suit your home, unlike if you buy a standard curtain with unpleasant colours. Maintaining the same colour throughout your interior brings a fascinating look to your home. Besides, you can also liaise with the experts from the company to help you choose the best colour blending.

You pick materials

Buying curtains gives you a chance to decide on the materials that will be used to make them. However, you need to understand that some materials are costlier than others, but you can go on and get that expensive curtain design, if you have the funds, to make your home look ecstatic.

Provide additional details

Rather than deciding on major aspects such as colour, material and design of your curtain, you will also get a chance to provide further information that will help the company to produce what you really want. The freedom of decision making in the curtain making process makes you feel like you are in control because you are the one making the important decisions.

Better quality curtains

Since you decide on the materials to be used, you are in total control of the quality of your curtain. In fact, the experts are there to guide you on making the right decisions on the type of material that will guarantee quality.

Professional advice

Finally, you will get professional advice on how to best go about making your curtains elegant and bring out the spark that is missing in your home.

Looking at the above advantage, it is right to say that buying custom curtains is the best alternative than buying a standard one.

Which is more expensive: buying a standard curtain or a custom curtain?

If you are just comparing the prices, then you will find that a standard curtain is cheaper than a custom curtain. But if you are a person of vision and objectives, then it may be a wiser option that you go with custom curtains because the process will provide you with more options and decisions, all aiming at making your curtains fit your home better. For a custom curtain, you will have the final say on the materials that are used, which will later determine the quality of the curtain and its lifespan. Buy your curtains from trusted curtain makers Globe Interiors.



What are 3 basic principles of landscape design

The field of design and art is very vast. Landscape design is one of the fields of design which is solely based on the composition and artistic approach. It is the art of arranging areas of land to create an aesthetic view or for practical uses. Before we begin the process of designing, it is important for us to know that there are a few elements and design which should be kept in mind. A complete understanding of these principles can change the whole outlook of your project. Following are the three basic principles of landscape design:


When we talk about a composition, proportion is the relation between two of its elements or parts. Proportion helps us to identify the important aspects of the design. In landscape design, proportion is the most important thing. When designing features of our landscape such as fences, fountains or plants, we must keep the proportions in mind. Setting proportions may seem like a small detail but it requires efficient planning. An unproportionate design looks untidy and gives a crammed look. Landscape designers melbourne will always be able to produce the best of his work if his proportions are in right order. For example, a plant may give a refreshing look to the design but we should consider it’s size rather than drooling over its appearance.


It is the most easily understood principle of design. The repeated use of elements creates a sequence in the landscape. It may seem like the easiest element but it can completely change the outlook in no time. Excess repetition creates a dull and flat landscape and can give the impression that the landscape designer lacks the aesthetic sense and creativity. On the other hand, too little repetition can create a visual of confusion. With an equal amount of repetition, a landscape can achieve balance and rhythm. The designer may use this principle in colors, texture, form or shape. A grass garden is a perfect example in the regard.



Unity, also referred to as harmony, gives a sense of completion to a design. In landscape design, it is also another most important principle that should be followed. It means that everything must fit in well. It ensures that no features should look odd at any point. It makes everything look balanced, steady and consistent. It also shows how well the landscape designer has maintained equilibrium in his design. The visuals should represent a simple relationship. For a landscape design to achieve unity, it is convenient to choose a theme or design and work around it to avoid any confusion. For example, a landscape design has a tropical theme. It follows the color palette and all other features accordingly. There is an equal amount of other principles. This will ensure unity to the design.


Using these basic principles can change the whole visual of your landscape. It can add great depth to your land and create the design of your dreams. It is important for us to understand that all these principles are related to each other.


How to drill a hole in the glass

It is not enough to buy diamond tips to make a hole in the glass, the work in question needs some attention that cannot be ignored. First point, which all drilling works have in common : clean the surface well, fix it so as to avoid unnecessary movements and work safely. If the glass breaks you must be in a position not to injure yourself with splinters and shards. That said, you need to fit the bit into the chuck and let the drill warm up a bit.

Bring the tip closer to the glass and start creating a dip. The calm will help you not to slip the tip on the glass, but you can use a little adhesive tape on the precise point where you want to drill: in this way you give the right adherence to the tip. Then continue with the drilling proceeding with reduced speed and minimum pressure. The watchword is prudence. Glass is not a good thermal conductor, it does not disperse heat well.

This means that fast drilling can cause not only breakage, but also burns . So take your time and decrease the speed / pressure when you are about to complete the hole – this is one of the most delicate moments. The risk of breaking the glass is just around the corner, don’t accelerate right now that you’re almost done.

ou can use water to cool the tip and the material, but be careful: you are in contact with an electric tool. Keep the tip perpendicular to the glass, especially in the final part of the hole. In this case, you don’t just risk making a bad hole: you can shatter the object you want to pierce. In these cases, the use of a drill press can be decisive because it allows you to manage the position of the tip with extreme care. Although, with a fragile material like glass, it can be convenient to manage the pressure on the tip yourself.

Without a drill. In some cases we speak of piercing the glass with the needle, in others of heating the glass and playing with the temperature change. My idea? Work safely, without improvising. Making a hole in the glass for the air conditioner or for other maintenance works does not admit mistakes: a few euros and you buy a perfect diamond tip to drill the glass without risk.

Making a hole in the glass: how to drill and choose the right tips

A question like this doesn’t happen every day: how to make a hole in the glass? Information is usually sought for drilling into concrete, one of the most complex materials to deal with. A typical situation of bricolage and do-it-yourself to create something useful. Or to solve a problem, a small inconvenience that can be solved by choosing the right drill and suitable bits to drill these materials. Which are very delicate and require the utmost attention.

Which drill to choose to make a hole in the glass? In reality there are no particular indications for the drill, the home electric model that everyone has available is fine. What should be avoided is the percussion movement which is usually used to drill into concrete. Then you need to have a latest generation drill that allows you to manage the rotation speed of the fuse. Because the latter has the utmost attention when you decide to drill the glass.

diamond tips for glass or diamond cups for large holes. They are solutions that allow you to drill the glass without breaking it, and are essential to complete the work in a workmanlike manner. Any different solution can become a risk for you and for the glass you want to drill. Don’t be fooled by the name: diamond bits for glass are not very expensive, with a small investment you give your workshop an extra tool. And DIY becomes even easier.